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Nothing about this is nice.

Los Angeles Lakers forward Brandon Ingram was rewarded for his transition hustle in Tuesday’s loss to the Philadelphia 76ers when Rajon Rondo found him barreling down the lane with forward Corey Brewer standing between Ingram and the basket.

It did not end well for Brewer.

Brewer makes a bad decision

Brewer took the cheap way out on defense by standing on the restricted-area line as Ingram charged straight for him, attempting to draw an offensive foul.

It was the worst of four options in the scenario, with the others being committing a hard foul, making a legitimate play on the ball or just getting out of the way.

Corey Brewer’s cowardly attempt at defense was rewarded with a thundering dunk in his face and Brandon Ingram laughing at him as he laid on the ground. (Getty)

Ingram makes him pay

Ingram delivered exactly what Brewer deserved for his cowardly excuse for defense, sending home a towering two-handed slam that spilled Brewer to the ground. There was no charge on the play, but plenty of humiliation for Brewer delivered by Ingram and the basketball gods.

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The play was completed with Ingram hovering over Brewer and laughing in his face.

Maybe Brewer will think twice next time he finds himself in that position. Play some actual defense or get out of the way.

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