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However, she suffered a serious knee ligament injury in 2015 that prevented her from playing for 11 months.

During that time, she found herself faced with the prospect of giving up the game entirely, while her recovery took place alongside some of those who had suffered in the November 13, 2015 terrorist attacks on Paris.

“Mentally, it made me stronger,” she told Le Parisien in October. “I understood that a career could be ended overnight. The surgeon warned me that I might never play tennis again.

“During my rehabilitation, I was with the victims of the Bataclan attack, which was eye-opening. Compared to them, I didn’t have much of a problem. Now I’m listening to my body and I’m more patient.”

And now she is ready to take a step up in her career.

“It’s a new start,” she said. “I want to continue to move upwards in the standings. I’m going to stop playing $15,000 tournaments to focus on $25,000 competitions. And if possible, I’ll play the Roland-Garros qualifiers next June among the seniors for the first time.”

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